The piece presented here was shot on Super 8 film before being digitally remastered. Whilst it has been significantly edited and manipulated following the digitisation process, the piece retains an authentically traditional aesthetic as the light from the projector pulses and the grain of the film rises to the surface.

As new technologies emerge it can be overwhelming to remain in-line with modern developments. Employing older equipment, therefore, allows for a refreshing
Simplicity of use that is as liberating as it is nostalgic – factors echoed in the exploration of the Pier, a place liberated from utilitarian function whilst being fully imbued with the appeal of nostalgia. The introduction of digital processes brings the opportunity for fresh interpretations of a space at the time defunct and now gone completely, adding playful zeal to a place that once would have thronged with the excited pursuits of pleasure seekers.

My creative practice employs still and moving imagery, combining traditional and contemporary media to develop a variety of photographic and cinematographic projects. The main focus of much of my work lies within the documentation of site specific space and architecture, the relationships we create with places through varying modes of mediation and the interpretation of the inherent idiosyncrasies of such sites by the manipulation of imagery and post-production of film works.




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